Art By Rothwell
Etchings by E.B.Rothwell
3 color process
About the Art
Although the subject matter of Rothwell's etchings was playful, her involvement in the process by which they were executed was a devout labor.

Zinc plates were etched with nitric acid in traditional techniques of etching and aquatint as well as more experimental methods. Ink was applied to the plate and then the plate was put through a press with dampened paper. For multicolor prints, multiple plates were used to carry the separate colors. For a more detailed account see "What is an Etching?"

All Rothwell etchings were hand-inked and pulled by the artist on her hand-turned Sturges Etching Press on 100% rag paper in signed and documented editions. The artist was in control of the process from conception to the final pull of the printed image with many editions limited to a relatively small number, usually 50.

Each zinc plate was defaced at the completion of the edition, ensuring that the edition remains limited. A "Cancellation Proof" is included if the edition has been completed. While many editions were not completed during the artist's lifetime there are no plans to print any additional etchings.

A "Certificate of Authenticity" accompanies each etching. These are now signed by Agents for E.B. Rothwell unless previously processed with a certificate by the artist.

Besides the numbered prints in each edition Artist Proofs were printed for every etching. The artist is allowed to print 10% of an edition as A/Ps. These prints are identical to those in the edition and all are signed and documented.

During her life E.B. created several other labels for her prints for her own needs:
  • State Proofs were unique prints pulled before some change was made in the plate.
  • Color Trials were prints inked in colors other than those used in the documented numbered edition, while the artist decides on the final color choices.
  • Studio Proofs although not part of the documented edition were only available from the artist. Elaine only allowed these to be sold for special fundraising events.
Some of these prints were signed so are now being made available. Be sure to inquire if you do not want any of these special categories.